Noyafa / NF-802 / Intelligent Network Cable Tester

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Wire Tracker RJ11 RJ45 Tester Line Finder, Ethernet LAN Multifunction Anti-Interference Network Cable Tester for Network Maintenance Collation, Telephone Line Test


  • Wiremap. Detects the line sequence, short circuit, open circuit, and cross of network cables.
  • Cable Tracing. Fast and accurately locate the target RJ45 / RJ11 line by sending a strong and clear signal.?
  • QC for crimping crystals. Test the quality of the crystal head crimping in seconds.
  • Port Flash. Judge a cable by flashing the switch / router port where the target cable is being plugged in.?
  • Telephone Line Detection. Detects a telephone line??£¤s polarity and its status including standby, off-hook, and ringing.
  • NCV (Non-contact Voltage) Detection. Quickly detects cables with strong current to ensure safe operation

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