Noyafa / NF-904-05 / Visual Fault Locator

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  • [Stable Red Light] NF‑904 series red light source uses a 650nm semiconductor as a light emitting device, driven by a constant source, emits stable red light, and enters multi mode and single mode fiber after connecting with the optical interface to realize fiber fault detection function.
  • [Widely Application] This optical cable fault locator is widely used in many situations, and is a practical tool for optical fiber engineering construction, optical fiber net maintenance, optical device production and research, etc.
  • [High Quality Chip] The built in high quality chip is durable, and it is suitable for a variety of interfaces to fully meet the needs of optical fiber inspection work.
  • [Durable Material] The optical cable fault locator is made of high quality aluminum alloy, which is durable, safe, wear resistant, and can be used with confidence for a long time.
  • [Strong Penetrating Power] The light source has strong penetrating power, the high quality head can easily pass through the optical fiber, the transmission distance is long, and the performance is stable.

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