Noyafa POE Voltage Detect & Cable length tester / NF-858C

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Noyafa NF-858C Multifunction Wire and Cable Tracer & Tester. Find and Test Network, BNC Coaxial, and Even Fiber Cables.

Easily trace and locate communications wire and cables without AC Current noise.

Hub blink for locating network port by  the flashing port light on Hub / Switch.

PoE function: identify which pins are providing power and detect how much voltage.

Identify telephone cable condition ( Tip or Ring) / polarity (anode or cathode).

Measure cable length for Lan cable and Coax cable.

Check open, short, cross for  Lan cable and Coax cable.

Certification. Passes RoHS, FCC, and CE compliance testing, and Noyafa is certified to the ISO 9001 standard.

100% Affordable. Manufactured in China and a lot cheaper than competitor products with similar quality.

Wire Tracker NF-858C 

Item Specifics:

Mian function : Trace and locate cable

Test length : BNC,RJ45

Tracking Type : UTP/STP RJ45,BNC

Other Function : VFL & Memory

Power supply : 3.7V lithium battery

Warranty : 11 Months


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