Noyafa LAN & RJ-11 Tester / NF-468V

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Cat5 Cat6 Cat7 Cable tester NF-468V


The basic NF-468V LAN tester is used for testing the pin out status only.

It is mainly to check physical status of network cable & telephone cable.

It highlights for its two types of power supply: one is 9V battery, the other type is AC Charge adaptor / power bank connects to the charging port. 

RJ11 RJ45 Cable tester NF-468V
Main Features
1. [Cable types]  Equipped with RJ11,RJ45 connectors;                                                             
2. [Cable continuity] Checks cable continutiy, open,short and cross;                                                                       
3. [Adjustable testing speeds] two testing speed: slow & fast mode;                                                                                   
4. [Lamp] Led light helps work in dark;                                                                     
5. [power supply] 9V battery & AC charge adapter   

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