DDS / DNT-766 / Cutter Tool

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8 inch multifunctional automatic wire stripper Length: 205mm Material: cutter head: zinc alloy cutter head: Cr12MoV, hardness HRC55-60, wire-electrode cutting die sets Pliers: A3 heat-treated handle: PP + TPR Features: Stripping range: 24-10AWG / 0.2-6mm2; Crimping of cutting function terminals: insulated terminals 22-10AWG/0.5-6mm2 non-insulated terminals 12-10AWG/4-6mm2 non-insulated terminals crimped: 16-14AWG/1.5-2.5mm2 non-insulated terminals crimped: 22-18AWG/0.5 -1mm2 How to use the adjustment screw: 1. Rotate the adjustment screw to adjust the bite force of the blade, decrease counterclockwise, increase clockwise 2. When stripping the thin thread, adjust the screw counterclockwise. 3. If the wire is broken, please adjust the screw counterclockwise. 4. If it is difficult or impossible to peel off, please adjust the screw clockwise.

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