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Item: NF-IPC716 ADHS
* Display: 7-inch Retina touch screen, 1920x1200 . resolution
* IP camera test: H.265/H.264, 4K video display via mainstream
* Rapid ONVIF: Auto display video and generate test report
* CVBS: Analog Camera Testing and PTZ Control
* HD coaxial test: 8MP CVI/TVI/ AHD, 8MP EX-SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI camera test
* WiFi: Built in WiFi, create WiFi hotspot
* HDMI: 4K 30FPS HDMI input and 1080P HDMI output
* Power output: DC24V 2A, 12V 3A, 48V PoE power output, Max power 25.5W
* Cable test: UTP cable test / RJ45 TDR cable test, cable quality test
* Fast charging: full charge time is about 3.5 hours, working time lasts 16 hours
* Network Test: Route Tracing, Link Monitor, DHCP Server, Port Flashing, Ping Test
* TesterPlay: Test, mobile phone, computer display at the same time
1) 7 inch 1920x1200 high definition full view IPS screen + brand new system, clearer and smoother.
2) The upgraded version of extremely fast, supports lens simulation, lens focus test, test report generation, audio test and more functions. Coaxial upgrade HD 4.0, TVI8MP, CVI8MP, AHD8MP, EX-SDI8MP.
3) Support H.265, 4K main stream test, 1200W network camera test. HDMI input, the highest resolution is 1080P 60FPS.
4) Multi-channel preview, 32-channel camera can support real-time preview at the same time. High-definition simulation level comprehensive test, reference value, threshold comparison, support one master generation of test report.
5) 12.48V/25.5W PoE power output, 12V 3A power supply. 7800mah high capacity lithium battery.



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