3M Corning / VOL-OCK6-U / Cat 6 Module

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• Tool-less jack … easy and quick to install
… fast reliable connection in record time: all 8 copper conductors are effortlessly
wired in a single operation
… quality of connection by design: not dependant on tool condition or operator skills,
just listen for the click
… consistent results: the length of untwisted pairs and the length between the end of the
conductor and the IDC contacts are always kept to a minimum, by design
• Re-usable … if a wiring mistake is made there is no need to use a new jack
… no time wasted waiting for another delivery
• Shallow depth, cable entry from
top or bottom
… easier cable management
… more space and flexibility to ensure the cable minimum bend radius is never compromised
– allows a wide range of cable routing options
– can be used with low profile trunking and boxes
• Keystone mounting … compatibility between Volition copper and fibre jacks and many other accessories on the market
using the standard keystone mounting
• UTP, FTP and STP 360° shielded versions
have the same ‘one-click’ tool-less design
… solutions for all levels of EMC protection using the same accessories means less training
• Accepts both solid conductors from AWG
26 to 22 and stranded conductors
… compatible with all cables on the market and enables ‘jack to plug’ cables to be manufactured
using stranded conductors (for use in open office architectures)
• Integral shutter … increased dust protection, especially during installation or in a dirty environment
… no additional shuttering required on faceplates
… higher port density
… allows direct mounting into floor



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