D-Link / NCB-FS09O-AUHD-08 / 08 Core Single Mode Unitube Armoured Outdoor Fiber Cable – HDPE

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Product Application

These cables can be used for outdoor applications in ducts or aerial drop for access and distribution for campus/ between and within buildings. These cables can be installed in ducts with either pulling or blowing techniques and in aerial applications with traditional lashing methods.

Features & Benefits

  • Available upto 24 fibre count in either Single Mode and Multimode Optical Fibres
  • Steel tape adds to crush resistance as well as can be used as a cable locator after installation
  • Cables are rodent protected
  • Easily removable rugged jacket
  • Flexible, light weight, easy to handle & install • Tensile and crush resistant
  • UV protected
  • Tightly controlled physical parameters
  • 24F Available with Stripe marked 24 tight buffers or with 2 Bundle binder design.

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