Legrand / 632790 / 24 Port Unloaded Patch Panel for UTP Cat5e/Cat6 -1U

Legrand / 632790 / 24 Port Unloaded Patch Panel for UTP Cat5e/Cat6 -1U

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Patch panel cat6 24p Legrand 100% genuine 632790 + 24*632705

Patch panel cat6 24p Legrand - World of fiber optic cables quotes distribution 100% genuine patch panel cat6 24p Legrand 632790 + 24*632705.

On the market today, there are many companies specializing in manufacturing patch panels to serve signal transmission systems.

One of them cannot be ignored the Legrand brand, a famous network equipment manufacturer in the telecommunications market. The company's products are manufactured using advanced technology, meeting European standards.

Image: Patch panel cat6 24 port Legrand

Although it is a French manufacturer, its products are currently very popular in our country's network systems thanks to its guaranteed quality and reasonable price.

Please join us to learn some information about Legrand's cat6 24 port patch panel product through the article below.

Outstanding features in Legrand's 24 port cat6 patch panel design

It's impossible to get lost when LS's box design is so outstanding with the combination of red and white two colors that bring a highlight to the product's box.

The outside of the Legrand cat6 24 port patch panel's shell will have a stamp with incomplete product information so customers can check the information when purchasing.

Image: Patch panel cat6 24 port Legrand

Inside the box will contain the product as well as accompanying accessories such as screws and straps to serve the patch panel installation and construction process.

The Legrand cat6 connection bar is designed to be 1U high according to 19-inch standards, suitable for mounting in racks, making it convenient to transmit signals from the switch to other devices in the same system.

Uses of Legrand's 24 port cat6 patch panel

Possesses many outstanding advantages that are currently being used a lot in network systems. So what is the function of the 24 port patch panel that makes it so popular?

- Neat management ability: Using patch panel helps manage network devices neatly.

- Can expand the system: Helps customers conveniently expand the system without having to deal with much trouble because the network cables are not plugged directly into the switch.

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